Cites her “unexpected and unorthodox candidacy” as only chance to take back City Hall

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the lifelong Staten Islander in the race for Mayor, was endorsed today by Staten Island Borough President James Oddo. Oddo, who is completing his first term as Borough President, will share the ballot with Malliotakis in the November election.
“Like most Staten Islanders, I always knew Staten Island was different than the rest of the city,” said Borough President Oddo. “Being a Council Member affirmed and underscored that reality early and often. Having served as Borough President the last three plus years, and living the reality that city agencies play a dominant and outsized role in the local decision-making process, demonstrates unmistakably that non-Staten Islanders still don’t truly know or understand our borough, and probably never will. How great would it be for a Staten Islander to sit in a seat of power and give us better than a fighting chance at some of our longstanding battles? Nicole provides a unique candidacy in what admittedly is a difficult race. If there is going to be a storybook ending in this campaign, an unexpected and unorthodox candidate and candidacy is the only chance. Nicole provides that.”

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “I’d like to thank Borough President Oddo for his kind words and for leading Staten Island through the greatest growth we have experienced in decades. Today, people actually know where Staten Island is and they want to live here due to the Borough President’s constant and persistent championing of our borough. Jim Oddo is a leader – guiding us through the tragic losses and ongoing recovery from Superstorm Sandy. He is an outside the box thinker – working around bureaucratic roadblocks to increase our inter-borough transportation options, including his work negotiating a deal with NY Waterway that will provide Staten Islanders with a private sector fast ferry service. He is a consensus builder who has not only reached across the aisle, but also, across state boundaries to New Jersey working to reach agreements that will benefit Staten Island. Together, we will make a great team; doing what is right for Staten Island and New York City.”