Published November 1, 2018, Staten Island Advance

Her opponent maintains that Republican Nicole Malliotakis doesn’t serve her district’s needs. With all due respect to Adam Baumel, the opponent, he doesn’t know of what he speaks.
Malliotakis has served the East Shore of Staten Island extraordinarily well and with a passion. That passion drove her to challenge Mayor Bill de Blasio in a mayoral race most knew she couldn’t win. But she did it because of her deep belief that Staten Island – and frankly, the rest of New York — is not being served well by this mayor. She made no secret of her criticisms. She is relentless in her push for property tax reform. She had no problem standing up to the likes of Shelly Silver, the former Democratic speaker of the state Assembly, and was proven right when Silver was arrested on federal corruption charges. Although representing just a portion of Staten Island, Malliotakis fights for the entire borough. Staten Island is fortunate she has chosen public service and the East Shore could not have a better representative in Albany.

We endorse Nicole Malliotakis.