Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Today’s stabbings in a Bronx public school has left a 16 year-old student dead and a 15 year-old clinging to life. Earlier this month, I released an education plan that spoke to the issue of safety in our schools. At the time the mayor campaign spokesperson said, ‘Under Mayor de Blasio, schools are safer than ever’ obviously, Bill de Blasio and his staff are wrong. According to early media reports the school where this murder and mayhem took place doesn’t even have metal detectors in use and a Department of Education survey taken last year showed that just over half of the students and a shocking 19% of teachers felt safe at the school.

“Whether it’s the student in Brooklyn who brought a gun to school on the first day of the new school year or today’s tragedy in the Bronx, one thing is perfectly clear; students are not safe in NYC Public Schools and anyone who says they are is simply delusional.

“Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Farina have a lot of explaining to do, especially if metal detectors were not in use. As mayor, I will revamp our school safety program and working with the NYPD and the DOE and introduce new policies that will station armed, retired NYPD Officers in civilian clothes in troubled schools as a deterrent to violence. What happened today is unacceptable schools are places for learning, not crime and violence”