Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Today, José Gonzalez, the mentally unstable career criminal charged with the brutal and tragic murder of NYC EMT and mother of 5, Yadira Arroyo, will be back in Bronx Criminal Court. Gonzalez, a reputed member of the Bloods street gang with 31 arrests on his rap sheet and a history of 6 stays in a psychiatric ward, was able to mow down EMT Arroyo with her own ambulance because of the misguided leniency of Judge David Kirschner, a de Blasio appointee, who refused the prosecutor’s request for $5,000 bail.

“In February, despite his criminal and psychiatric history, Judge Kirschner allowed Gonzalez to walk free on charges that he became violent with an NYPD Officer during an arrest for robbery. The fact that Judge Kirschner allowed a mentally ill career criminal to walk free despite the prosecutor’s request for bail is inexcusable. The weight of Judge Kirschner’s decision must be shared equally by the Judge and the man who appointed him, Bill de Blasio.

“The fact that Mayor de Blasio has not called for the resignation of Judge Kirschner is as disturbing as the fact that he appointed him in the first place.

“As Mayor, I will appoint criminal court judges who fully understand the ramifications of allowing someone like Jose Gonzalez to walk the streets so senseless tragedies like this can be avoided.”