Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “During his interview on a Sunday morning radio show, Comptroller Scott Stringer’s announced that he has authored a letter to Chancellor Farina and the Department of Education demanding answers concerning the lack of both accountability and the proper financial controls at the DOE is a step in the right direction. On August 1, I held a news conference calling for increased scrutiny of these very issues.

“When audits show the disappearance of thousands of computers or a program that administers $100 million dollars earmarked for teacher and administrator training, but lacks even the most basic of financial controls, the Comptroller has a fiduciary responsibility to take immediate actions and get to the bottom of what’s going on. The fact that Comptroller Stringer needs to threaten to subpoena DOE officials to get the answers he needs is just another example of the de Blasio administration’s attitude that the rules that guide others don’t apply to them.

“While I commend Comptroller Stringer’s desire for accountability on these matters, I am also confused that he never mentioned Mayor de Blasio during this morning’s radio interview. Bill de Blasio is, after all, the city’s Chief Executive Office and the man who appointed Chancellor Farina to her job. The mayor needs to act like a leader and tell Chancellor Farina and her staff to stop stonewalling and produce the information that has been requested; if she is unwilling or unable to, Mayor de Blasio should ask her to resign immediately.

“When hundreds of millions of tax dollars are at risk, the mayor must be held as accountable as those he has picked to run the city’s agencies and departments; he is after all their boss. These issues that concern Comptroller Stringer and myself are simply two more reasons to oppose permanent Mayoral Control of New York City Public Schools by Bill de Blasio.”