Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Today, nearly four years into his term, and many months after he promised it, Bill de Blasio rolled out a ‘traffic plan’ that, like so many of his so called solutions, centers around taking more money from his citizens with fines. Much like our subways, our roadways are slowed by antiquated signal systems. Bill de Blasio just doesn’t get it; we need to bring New York City into the 21st century by upgrading our subway signals to increase capacity and swapping out old traffic signals for Smart Light technology in all five boroughs. This technology speeds traffic, cuts congestion, decreases accidents and lowers fuel consumption with an array of sensors that capture data on traffic flow and then makes real time adjustment s to traffic signals along the route. I would also seek to keep HOV lanes open 24 per day, utilize our waterways with more ferry options, re-evaluate the hours bus lanes are in effect and make changes to the existing Vision Zero program that has crippled traffic in the outer boroughs. Let’s stop penalizing motorists and start investing in infrastructure, providing transportation alternatives and using common sense to keep up with economic and population growth.”