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Tell Governor Cuomo that NYC needs a Property Tax Cap too!

Our last petition successfully pushed Mayor de Blasio to form a property tax commission and appoint a Staten Islander to the panel. Now we need your help again to achieve another victory in the fight for fair property taxes.

During his Budget Address, Governor Cuomo called on the legislature to make the 2011 property tax cap law permanent, but once again intends to exclude New York City saying we “don’t have that same burden of property tax.”

We need to make our voices heard to ensure that the extension includes New York City. While the residents of other municipalities in the state have been protected by the 2% cap on their property tax levy, New York City’s levy has increased by a whopping 44% in the last 5 years alone to help pay for Mayor de Blasio’s insatiable and unsustainable appetite for spending. The city’s current property tax structure that unfairly targets low and middle income communities and the rapid increase to the levy have made New York City unaffordable for homeowners and renters alike. Enough is enough.

If you’re fed up with paying more and more in property taxes each year, please sign and share the petition to let the Governor know that New York City needs a property tax cap now!


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Oct 17

Malliotakis hits de Blasio over rising property taxes

October 2017 – Mayor de Blasio agrees during the Mayoral race that he will form a property tax commission to fix the inequitable system.

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Feb 18

Malliotakis holds Mayor de Blasio’s feet to the fire

February 2018 - Assemblywoman Malliotakis questions Mayor de Blasio on property tax disparity that allows him to pay 1/3 the effective tax rate that city’s low and middle income communities pay.

Feb 18

Petition Launched

February 2018 - Malliotakis launches the first property tax petition calling on Mayor de Blasio to finally establish the commission he promised.

Mar 18

Malliotakis pens Op-Ed in New York Post

March 2018 While nearly every other municipality in the state has a property-tax cap, limiting growth of the levy to 2 percent a year, New York City is exempt thanks to Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo and former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

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Jun 18

Op-Ed: City disses Island, again, on property taxes.

June 2018 - Mayor de Blasio announces formation of commission that does not include a representative from Staten Island. Malliotakis writes op-ed in protest.

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Jun 18

Malliotakis hosts property tax protest at Miller Field

June 2018 - Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis holds widely attended rally protesting property taxes and demanding that a Staten Islander be added to the commission. Mayor adds the commissioner.

Assemblywoman Malliotakis speaks at Property Tax Rally.

Sep 18

Malliotakis Announces Property Tax Proposal

September 2018 - Assemblywoman Malliotakis announces her own property tax proposal to create a fair system.

Proposal Overview

Sep 18

Malliotakis testifies at Mayor’s property tax commission hearing

September 2018 - Property taxes are easily one of the top issues affecting our community and a leading reason why our city has become so unaffordable.

Jan 19

Cuomo excludes NYC from Tax Cap Law

January 2019 - In his State of the State Address Governor Cuomo says that NYC homeowners “don’t have the same burden” as the rest of the state and will not be included in the tax cap law.

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