Staten Island, New York – Attorney General candidate John Cahill, today joined Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and parents to call for passage of the Education Tax Credit.

On every significant educational opportunity of our time Eric Schneiderman is absent or opposed.

“Education is the civil rights issue of our time, to deny students access to a quality education and condemn them to failing schools violates our state constitution. As Attorney General, I will be the students lawyer and I will fight for their right to a quality education which includes passage of the education tax credit,” said Cahill.

Continued Cahill, “On every significant educational opportunity of our time, Eric Schneiderman is absent or opposed. As State Senator he voted against charter schools, and as AG he conspires with his pal Mayor de Blasio to kill charters while the education tax credit lingers in Albany.”

The proposed Education Investment Tax Credit is designed to increase charitable donations from individuals and businesses for education by providing a tax credit from a donor’s state tax liability for donations to various educational entities (rather than the existing tax exemption from a donor’s taxable income). The bill will helps public schools; teachers in public and nonpublic schools; non-profit organizations supporting public schools; and families with children who attend private and parochial schools.

The bill, sponsored by Senators Golden and Savino has passed repeatedly in the State Senate, this year by an overwhelming 55-4 vote. The identical Assembly bill, which Speaker Silver refuses to bring to the floor, currently boasts 97 co-sponsors (65 Democrats, 32 Republicans).

Said Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, “We have seen a rise in Catholic school closures in our community and when private schools close, the children are absorbed by an already crowded public school system at a higher cost to taxpayers. The Education Tax Credit will encourage private donations to scholarship funds so more families can afford tuition at private institutions. It is a win-win situation and needs to be implemented here in New York as soon as possible.”

Said John Guzzo, community leader, “I sent six children to Catholic school from pre-school on up. All of them attended St. Joseph’s which is now closed. My wife and I did what was necessary to make sure that our children had a good education. Parents need to have a choice and we need help. Our current Attorney General has not demonstrated leadership when it comes to faith based education. I thank John Cahill for taking up the charge to help parents who choose to send their children to faith based schools.”

Cahill concluded, “As Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman believes that like him only the wealthy or well off are entitled to a quality education. As a tool of the education lobby, he has been willing to condemn generations of poor and minority students to an inferior education in return for their contributions and support.”