Fiscal Responsibility & Returning Government to the People Would Be Key Tenets

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the real Republican in the race for Mayor, announced today, that as Mayor she would appoint a New York City Charter Commission to review and consider the following good government proposals:

  • Requiring a supermajority vote in the City Council for all tax increases.
  • Limiting spending to a New York City based CPI growth plus population growth, excluding federal and state aid.
  • Requiring that at a portion (specific percentage to be determined by the commission) of any revenue growth above the New York City based CPI rate be deposited in rainy day fund.
  • Requiring that the remainder of any revenue growth above the New York City based CPI rate be used for the retirement of long-term debt andunfunded pension and retiree healthcare liabilities, unless new or increased spending is explained in writing in the budget as to why this spending is a higher priority.
  • Granting the boroughs more influence (i.e. appointing borough commissioners and formulating budgets).

The most recent Charter Revision Commission, the government body charged with revising the charter, produced a report in 2010 that led to a public vote that November on two proposals. The first was related to Term Limits for elected municipal officials. The second dealt with a number of issues related to Elections and Government Administration and is best known for the creation of the city’s Campaign Finance Board. Both proposals were voted into law.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “Over the past 3 ½ years New Yorkers have seen their hard earned tax dollars spent with little regard for the fiduciary responsibility exhibited in the previous 20 years.

“The New York City budget has grown a whopping 20% and the money is being spent recklessly. Just recently, we’ve witnessed the Speaker of the City Council propose an ill conceived allocation of $16.4 million be used to pay for free legal services to fight the deportation of illegal aliens who have committed violent felonies.

“The first 4 proposals of my Charter Revision plan would mandate a level of fiscal responsibility that is currently unheard of in City Hall. It would place limits on taxes and spending, while also insuring that surplus revenues would be directed for the retirement of long term debt, capital projects or a rainy day fund.

“The final proposal deals with common sense solutions that will bring government closer to the people.

“The tax and spend crowd will squirm and scream over mandated fiduciary responsibility. But, it’s about time they learned; it’s the taxpayer’s money, not theirs.

“The business as usual crowd will fight tooth and nail as they see control slip through their fingers and return to the boroughs and their political powerbase lose influence. But, it’s time for government to be returned to the people.

“This is one of the ways we’ll fix what’s wrong when I’m mayor; stay tuned for more!”