Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis recently issued a letter to Federal Highway Administrator Nicole Nason urging the rejection of congestion pricing in New York City. The MTA has yet to provide a plan of implementation for this proposal, or even appoint the required panel that would be tasked with determining the details. Malliotakis criticized the MTA’s history of prior mismanagement and poor planning, which adversely affects New York City commuters.

Additionally, Malliotakis cited the fact that residents of Staten Island already pay a toll to connect to the rest of the city and the proposed congestion pricing plan would be double tolling. Malliotakis concluded her letter, urging the Federal Highway Administration to hold the MTA to the highest standards possible until they can develop concrete and satisfactory details for the implementation of this plan.

“As your agency moves closer to a decision, I ask that you hold the MTA to the highest standard possible and reject this plan until they are able to provide concrete and satisfactory details as to how they intend to proceed,” said Malliotakis. “I also urge you to reject this proposal unless the Verrazzano Bridge is given the same toll credit status that many other crossings across the city are expected to receive. The people of Staten Island and New York City are counting on you to make sense of this puzzling plan, which is missing many pieces.”

Malliotakis has repeatedly called for a credit for Staten Island residents on any congestion fee for the toll they already pay on the Verrazzano Bridge to commute to and from Manhattan. In March 2019, she wrote a letter to both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio requesting the credit exemption.