In anticipation of the hottest days of the summer approaching this weekend, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I,Ref – Brooklyn/Staten Island) is calling on the city to help make cooling centers pet friendly and do a better job of indicating which cooling centers, if any, accept pets. As of now, while service animals must be allowed by law, the NYC Cooling Center Finder located online does not indicate whether or not the centers accept regular pets, and 311 operators will only inform callers that each center has its own individual policy. Malliotakis finds this lack of information unacceptable and demands that city officials provide more thorough details about the centers.

Earlier today, Malliotakis personally called 311 to ask the representative if they could help identify a cooling center that would allow pets and the representative could not identify any.

“Pets are an extension of our families. Nobody wants to leave their beloved pet at home in extreme heat while they go to a cooling center. There needs to be at least some cooling centers in each borough that allow individuals to bring their dogs, cats or any other animal that can be affected by severe heat and the city should be able to provide information on which centers do. This information should be posted online and made readily available through 311. Right now they do neither and that is problematic,” said Assemblywoman Malliotakis.