Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis has written to Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio to express her disappointment and concern that a Staten Island resident no longer sits on the MTA Board. Staten Island has historically held a position as a member on the 17 member board to advocate for the interests of the borough.

Combined Gov. Cuomo appoints six members onto the board and Mayor de Blasio recommends four to be appointed. Every county within the MTA territory has a representative on the board except Staten Island.

Malliotakis cited the ever-increasing battle regarding the price of the Verrazzano Bridge toll, the need for adequate local and express bus services at a reasonable fare, and the community’s push for the North Shore rapid transit and the West Shore rail. These issues are reasons why Staten Island needs and should have a resident voice on the board.

Malliotakis also mentioned as congestion pricing details are being determined by December 2020, it is critical that Staten Island has a voice at the table, particularly for a decision as to whether or not Staten Island residents will receive a credit toward the new congestion pricing fee on the Verrazzano Bridge toll.

Malliotakis also advocated for Staten Island residents to receive a credit on a NY1 Special on Congestion Pricing that aired last night.