New License Plate Fees Another Tax Burden On New Yorkers

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis blasted Gov. Cuomo’s new middle class tax on license plates. Starting in April 2020, anybody with a white and blue New York State license plate will be required to pay $25 for a plate with the new design, and an additional $20 if they want to keep the same plate number. The $25 fee is set in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic law. This policy would affect over 3 million vehicles in New York which have plates over 10 years old. Gov. Cuomo said new license plates for New York drivers are required so E-ZPass can read them more clearly.

“This is a new shadow tax on people, another cash grab. Plain and simple,” said Malliotakis. “New York is already a high tax state that drives away businesses and young people. It’s time to stop frivolously wasting taxpayer money. It’s time to start giving businesses and people the tax relief they deserve and need. New Yorkers already pay enough in transportation costs between tolls, trains, and congestion pricing. These new plates, which require people to pay even more, are unacceptable. This type of nickel-and-diming is what drives people out of our great state, and it is high time we put an end to it. The governor has no problem spending millions of taxpayer dollars to bankroll college tuition for illegal immigrants and now he wants to levy even more taxes on middle-class New Yorkers. The hypocritical spending priorities of the Democrats, which reward those who break the law and punish those who are law-abiding, are ridiculous and must come to an end. This license plate disaster is only further proof that one-party Democrat rule in Albany means burdensome new taxes and senseless cash grabbing.”

New York state residents are being asked to vote on the new look, Gov. Cuomo announced. Among the potential plates is one featuring the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, three other designs featuring the Statue of Liberty, and the last option includes the New York City skyline on one side and the Niagara Falls on the other. All choices but the bridge design also include the state’s motto, “Excelsior” — Latin for “ever upward.” The new plate design is part of the state’s push to switch drivers over to reflective, easier-to-read plates, according to the governor’s office.