Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said, “I urge President Trump to not retroactively remove DACA but, to instead allow Congress to use the time left before the program expires to craft a reasonable plan that provides a path to citizenship for those who arrived as children, have not committed a crime and are employed, enrolled in college or in the military.

“As the daughter of immigrants, I strongly believe that our broken immigration system must be streamlined to provide those seeking a better life the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. For three decades, Washington has refused to address the issue, causing many immigrants to get caught in red tape. And instead of advocating for common sense reforms, many officials at the city and state level prefer instead to disregard the law altogether, further keeping immigrants in the shadows of society.

“This is an opportunity for President Trump and Congress to fix a broken system once and for all, so that these young people, brought to the United States at an early age and educated in our schools can have the opportunity to become citizens and fulfill their dreams.”