Assemblywoman Malliotakis calls out Heastie for proposed tax increases and calls for rejecting matching campaign contributions with taxpayer funds

“The Democrat’s answer to every problem is to raise taxes. What’s even more enraging is that they are talking about raising taxes at the same time as they look to implement a public campaign finance system that will match contributions up to certain amounts with taxpayer dollars. We should strike down the commission’s recommendation to implement taxpayer-funded campaigns. To even consider this at a time when the state is in a $6 billion deficit is unconscionable and an abuse of the New Yorkers we are all elected to represent.

“Democrats have voted to fund tuition for illegal immigrants, to fund Cuomo’s failed economic development policies, to imposition of a statewide paper bag fee, and to build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. They are constantly looking to spend money on things we don’t need and now they are coming with their hands out to ask for more money from New Yorkers. Last year’s budget raised taxes over $4 billion. The answer to our deficit problems is not to nickel-and-dime our hard working citizens—it’s reigning in uncontrolled spending from the left. It’s a disgrace and a disservice to the 19.5 million New Yorkers who elected us to represent them.”

“Also, Speaker Heastie should use his words more carefully. I am offended by his comment the Assembly always believes in raising revenue,” added Malliotakis. “If he wants to say the Democrats do, that’s fine. But don’t cast us all with the same brush. Many of us have a consistent and good record of voting against wasteful spending and tax increases.”

Yesterday, Speaker Heastie commented in the NY Post that in order to combat the $6.1 billion budget deficit it would be necessary to raise taxes. He further commented that “For us in the Assembly, we always believe in raising revenue.”