Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis issued a statement today calling on both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to show an ounce of sanity and stop rewarding lawbreakers and criminals. Malliotakis is calling on Gov. Cuomo to reject the recent proposal by the Office of Court Administration (OCA) to free inmates before the bail-reform laws take place in January. Malliotakis also called de Blasio’s plan to give baseball tickets, movie passes and gift cards to those charged with crimes to incentivize returning to court for their hearing dates “asinine,” charging that both Cuomo and de Blasio must stop rewarding and incentivizing bad behavior. Malliotakis’ statement comes in the wake of an exclusive New York Post report detailing proposals by de Blasio and OCA that may free nearly 900 city inmates before the new bail-reform laws take effect.

This spring, Gov. Cuomo signed into law the elimination of bail for defendants charged with an array of criminal offenses. These crimes range anywhere from criminally-negligent homicide, to stalking and strangulation, to aggravated assault on a child under 11, and selling drugs on school grounds.

“Anti-police rhetoric and pro-crime policies have created anarchy in our city as we witnessed taking place on the streets of Brooklyn this past weekend,” said Malliotakis. “These new bail-reform laws, coupled with the OCA’s early release proposal, put the public at risk and incentivize law-breaking behavior. No mother feels comfortable knowing that those charged with selling drugs at their children’s schools will just receive a desk appearance ticket. No domestic violence victim will feel safe knowing that their stalker will be released. I am calling on the governor and mayor to have an ounce of integrity and reject these proposals and make changes to the bail-reform law set to take effect in January. This is not a Republican versus Democrat issue. This is a safety issue that concerns us all. Our police unions, liberal prosecutors and even our Democrat state Attorney General say the bail-reform laws go too far.

“As if the law our governor signed into effect wasn’t enough, our mayor comes along offering free tickets to ball games or movies just to get those charged with crimes to return for their court dates. Instead of rewarding good behavior like exemplary community service, the mayor is not only rewarding bad behavior, he is incentivizing it.”