Today, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Bay Ridge) lambasted Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council for moving forward with plans to close Rikers Island and build new jails, calling it a “grave mistake.” She also pledged to make sure the promise is kept by de Blasio to not build a jail on Staten Island, a promise made when the two were running against each other for Mayor in 2017.

“The city council vote today to close Rikers is a vote to increase crime in our communities and jeopardize the public safety of the very residents these councilmembers were elected to represent,” said Malliotakis. “Mayor de Blasio and the City Council are making a grave mistake. Building jails in communities where families live, people work and children play is WRONG. Rikers is perfectly situated and the $8 billion to fund a plan to build four jails could be used to improve Rikers and make it more humane and safe for inmates and officers.

“The de Blasio administration’s goal to empty Rikers, the releasing of dangerous criminals by liberal judges on their own recognizance, new bail reform laws coming in January and other pro-crime policies have put the rights of criminals before the justice of victims and safety of the public

“During our race for Mayor, Mayor de Blasio made a commitment to me and the people of Staten Island that this borough would not receive a jail. Our borough overwhelmingly rejected Mayor de Blasio’s agenda, including his plan to close Rikers. We will make sure he keeps this promise.”