A Letter From Rev. Protopresbyter – Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

The second that Hurricane Sandy hit our Island, Nicole went into action.

She immediately visited the hardest hit areas, which happened to be in her assembly area, to view the devastation and assess the needs.  She was a tireless workhorse for those suffering so much.The Sunday after the Hurricane, our Archbishop Demetrios, and the national President of our Archdiocesan Ladies Society, attended our Parish to pray with us for those Staten Islanders hurt by the Hurricane. His Eminence wanted to see things first hand and so we contacted Nicole who cleared the way for us to meet her at Oakwood.

His Eminence embraced her and she said, with huge tears in her eyes, “Your Eminence, these are MY PEOPLE!  I have to help them!” She then escorted us on a walking tour of the Oakwood area. For a very long time we worked together to help those in need.  Whenever we had clothing, medical supplies, diapers, baby items, and so on, all we had to do was contact Nicole and she told us where to deliver these items.When we organized house cleaning teams, Nicole directed us where to go and where the need was the greatest. At the same time, she was also “mucking out” houses and delivering items to others.

We also had established a monetary fund to help with people’s expenses.  We again relied on Nicole to direct these funds into the neediest hands. Nicole was not just a politician helping out.  She truly cared as a person and a leader.This was a very proud moment for me as her Pastor.

God bless her as she blesses others

Rev. Protopresbyter Nicholas P. Petropoulakos


Holy Trinity – St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Staten Island, NY