“New York is a city of waterways, and it makes absolute sense to take advantage of this unique attribute as we continue looking for quicker, more efficient ways to facilitate the movement of people among the boroughs.  The Citywide Ferry system is a bold and visionary approach to making our city more interconnected.  My constituents in Bay Ridge face one of the most arduous daily commutes in the country, so I’m extremely pleased that ferry service will now make its return to the community.  It was a primary means for travel to and from Manhattan in the 1980s and 1990s, and is most welcome to alleviate crowded subway and express buses with lengthy commute times.  It is, however, equally disappointing, and unacceptable, that the people of Staten Island are being left out of this new ‘citywide’ ferry system.   While the most famous ferry in the world is the Staten Island Ferry, it is a far distance from communities on the opposite shores of Staten Island and, following Hurricane Sandy, a temporary ferry service from Great Kills was added much to the delight of commuters.   A true ‘citywide’ ferry should include all five boroughs and an additional ferry for Staten Islanders, which would be vital to reducing unreasonably long commute times from some of the most transportation-starved communities in our city.”